One question that may still be the question is who was the most popular esports team in 2020? Quoting data from Esports Charts, here are the 3 most popular esports organizations in the world along with the game scene that is the mainstay of each organization.

# 3 – Team Liquid

There are actually many indicators that can be used in determining the popularity of an esports organization. The number of social media followers might be one of them, but in this case the indicator is how interested are the esports fans in watching the team compete using the total watch hours metric.

In third place is Team Liquid with a record of reaching more than 81 million total watch hours. Of the total watch hours, 32.7% came from the Dota 2 scene, 27.1% came from the League of Legends scene, 28.6% from CS: GO, and the rest from various other game branches at 11.8%.

Team Liquid is recorded as having 13 divisions that compete in 13 different game branches. These 13 branches include Free Fire or Super Smash Bros. It’s quite interesting to see how the Dota 2 Team Liquid division has become a division that is widely watched by esports fans. Even though the Dota 2 Team Liquid division is fairly struggling after being left behind by its star roster (Kuroky, Miracle, and friends) in 2019.

Meanwhile the CS: GO and League of Legends divisions are also some of Team Liquid’s strong divisions. CS: GO has the charisma of a Stewie2K and the League of Legends has the charisma of a Doublelift that season. However, the CS: GO division had a bad luck because it had to fast for the title in the 2020 season. Meanwhile, the League of Legends division itself managed to become champion in the league round and was ranked 3rd in the 2020 Summer LCS Playoffs. Unfortunately Team Liquid itself received unsatisfactory results at Worlds 2020 because it did not make it through the group stage.

With more than 81 million total watch hours, 54% of them watched Team Liquid matches which were broadcast in English, 17.7% used Russian, and 12.9% used Portuguese, and 15.4% were the rest.

# 2 – Natus Vincere

Navi recorded over 86 million total watch hours with 71.9% of them coming from the CS: GO division, 27.9% from Dota 2, 2% from Rainbow 6, and 0.3% from other divisions.

CS Division: GO Natus Vincere was indeed at his strongest in the 2020 season. S1mple and friends managed to pocket one of the biggest titles in the CS: GO scene, namely the Intel Extreme Masters XIV. Not only that, the CS: GO Navi division also won the league round and the BLAST Premier: Global Final 2020 tournament as a whole. Because of this achievement, the CS: GO Navi team is now ranked 3rd in the world based on

On the other hand, Dota 2 is another spearhead of the Navi team. After Dendi left in around 2018, Dota 2 Navi’s roster is quite tattered, keeps changing players, and still hasn’t found his best performance. 2020 is also not the best season for Navi with the few titles they have won. However, it seems that remembering the name Navi, who is so entrenched in the Dota 2 scene, makes the team a special favorite in the hearts of Dota esports fans, especially in Russia.

From a total of over 86 million total watch hours, the majority of fans watched Navi’s matches in Russian, which was 43.4%. Then it was followed by 41.3% English-speaking match audience, 7.4% Portuguese-speaking audience, and the remaining 7.8% classified as viewers of other languages ​​combined.

# 1 – G2 Esports

2020 might be considered as the year for G2 Esports. This esports organization from Germany may not always be the champion in 2020. However, G2 Esports has managed to get a name as a strong team in several esports scenes.

G2 Esports managed to record over 92 million total watch hours with the largest proportion of 52.8% coming from League of Legends. Following after, 35.5% came from CS: GO, 4.2% came from Rainbow 6, and from several games the rest was 6.9%.

The League of Legends G2 Esports Division is one of the best in the European scene. This was proven through their efforts which almost wiped out all European LoL esports titles in the 2020 season.

PERKZ, Caps and friends managed to become champions in the league and playoffs of the LEC (European LoL League) Spring, ranked 3rd in the league round and won the LEC Summer 2020 playoffs. G2 Esports also performed well at the Worlds 2020 event yesterday. Being the last hope of West League of Legends esports fans, G2 Esports made it to the semi-finals even though Damwon Gaming ended up losing 1-3.

On the other hand, the CS: GO roster is another division that has attracted the attention of esports fans. Their biggest achievement of the 2020 season was their success in reaching the top of the league stage of BLAST Premier: Spring. Meanwhile, they also made it to the final round of the Intel Extreme Masters, even though they ended up being crushed 0-3 by Navi.

From a total of over 92 million total watch hours, the majority of their match viewers watched English language programs by 57.6%. The rest of the audience came from several languages, ranging from Portuguese 8.3%, Russian 6.3%, Spanish 5.9%, Korean 5.6%, French 4.9%, and the remaining 11.6%.


Dota, CS: GO, and League of Legends Are Still in the Top 3 of Global Esports

Besides showing the most popular esports teams, the data also shows the three most popular esports games indirectly. Judging from the games that are in the majority and based on team rankings, you can say that Dota 2 is in third place, CS: GO is in second place, and League of Legends is in first place.

League of Legends, with a league that is consistent and spread across various regions, seems like it is still a giant esports league. Moreover, if we look at the list of the most popular esports teams as a whole, 8 of the 10 teams on the list have a League of Legends division. Navi and OG are the 2 teams that don’t have the League of Legends division on the list. However, the two teams have assets in other branches in the form of a strong roster in CS: GO for the Navi team and the charm of winning The International 2019 for the OG team.

Seeing the game industry which actually grew during the pandemic, it is no wonder that investors are still interested in investing in gaming companies. According to an InvestGame report, throughout 2020, there were 665 investments and Merger & Acquisition agreements throughout 2020. Meanwhile, the total investment value last year reached US $ 33.6 billion.

Investments for Game Companies

Throughout 2020, game developers and publishers received 107 early-stage funding, aka early-stage funding from venture capital. In total, the value of all this funding is US $ 426 million. About 70% of the total funding round is an investment in the pre-seed and seed rounds. Meanwhile, 42 of the total investment is aimed at companies engaged in the mobile game segment, with a total investment value of US $ 123 million.

According to an InvestGame report, most game startups that received early-stage funding last year came from the United States. A total of 40 investment rounds – with a total value of US $ 154 million – are aimed at US-based gaming companies. Meanwhile, in Japan, there are only five funding provided to local startups. Even so, the total investment value in Sakura Country reached US $ 110 million or around 26% of the total investment throughout 2020.

Apart from early-stage investments, InvestGame also tracks data on Late-stage investments in the gaming industry. In total, there will be 48 final stages of funding occurring in 2020, with a total investment value of US $ 2.9 billion. It’s just that, the final stage of investment in the game industry experienced a decline in Q2 2020. However, in Q3 2020, there were several large funds that made the total investment value throughout 2020 skyrocket. One of them is an investment of US $ 1.78 billion received by Epic Games, a developer and publisher from Fortnite. Apart from Epic Games, Roblox also received a large enough investment. In the Series G funding round, Roblox raised US $ 150 million.

During the first six months of 2020, there were 59 Merger & Acquisitions (M&A) transactions with a total value of US $ 3.5 billion. Meanwhile, in the second semester of 2020, two large M&A transactions took place. First, Zynga Inc. spent US $ 2 billion to acquire a casual mobile game developer from Istanbul. Second, the acquisition of Leyou Technologies by Tencent. To acquire the PC and console game developer from Hong Kong, Tencent is willing to spend US $ 1.4 billion. Thanks to the acquisition of Tencent and Zynga, the total valuation of M&A transactions during the second half of 2020 increased by 100% when compared to the first semester.

The fact that the gaming industry continues to grow amid the pandemic makes investors not bothered to invest in gaming companies in 2020. In fact, in the past year, there were 11 game companies that successfully conducted an initial public offering (IPO), with the total investment value reaching US $ 900 million.

In addition, last year, NetEase also managed to raise US $ 2.7 billion by conducting a Secondary Public Offering (SPO). According to Investopedia, SPO is a sale of shares made by a company that has conducted an IPO. Meanwhile, Blizzard Activsion can raise US $ 2 billion by doing a Senior Notes Offering.

In recent years, there have been more and more venture capitals interested in investing in gaming companies. In 2020, there are several venture capitals that will stand out. One of them is BITKRAFT. This venture capital company participates in at least 50% of the funding round in the gaming world, making them the most active venture capitalist in 2020. Regarding investing in gaming companies, Galaxy Interactive is the second most active venture capitalist after BITKRAFT. The third position is filled by Andreessen Horowitz, who leads the Series G funding for Roblox.

Investing in the Esports World

The pandemic is the blessing behind the disaster for the game industry players. However, for esports industry players, the pandemic is a double-edged sword. Indeed, the viewership of esports tournaments in 2020 will increase, but a number of esports competitions have to be postponed or canceled. Even so, venture capitalists are still interested in participating in early stage funding for esports industry players.

In total, there are 59 initial stage investments in 2020, with total investment funds reaching US $ 152 million. Last year, one of the investments in the world of esports that caught people’s attention was the Series A funding round for Guild Esports. At that time, the esports organization owned by David Beckham received an investment of US $ 25.7 million.

Meanwhile, there are 24 final rounds of funding in the esports industry throughout 2020. When compared to the number of funding rounds in the early stages, the amount of investment in the final stage is indeed less. However, from a valuation perspective, the total investment value for the final stage is much larger, reaching US $ 669 million. One investment that was widely reported last year was the Series B funding obtained by VSPN. The esports company from China received US $ 100 million in an investment round led by Tencent.

Throughout 2020, esports players are still quite active in conducting Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A). The proof, there were about 37 M&A transactions last year. The total value of merger and acquisition transactions during the past year reached US $ 500 million. According to InvestGame’s analysis, one of the main reasons companies engaged in the esports sector conduct M&A is to become the majority shareholder and control the companies they acquire. The proof is, in 35 M&A transactions, the acquiring company ended up being the majority shareholder.

For gaming industry players, the corona virus pandemic in 2020 also brings blessings behind the disaster. When compared to 2019, the gaming industry in 2020 grew 12%, according to the Super Data report. In January and February 2020, the game industry growth only reached 6%. After the lockdown came into effect in various countries in March 2020, this figure then rose to 14%.

The gaming industry’s revenue is growing rapidly in North America and Europe. Not surprisingly, around 55% of people in the United States admit that they spent their time during the first phase of lockdown playing games. The reasons why Americans play games range from getting rid of boredom or killing time, as an escape from reality, to socializing.

In 2020, the habit of buying games from gamers will also change. So they often buy games digitally. The reason is, the pandemic has caused many local game shops to close. In addition, physical game shipments – in the form of discs and cartridges – were also delayed due to the pandemic. According to Super Data, around 27% of gamers in the US spend more on digital games. In contrast, about 29% of US gamers spend less on physical games.


Free-to-Play Game Industry

The revenue of the digital game industry in 2020 is estimated at US $ 126.5 billion, according to a report from Super Data. Free games aka free-to-play contributed US $ 98.4 billion, around 78%, to the total revenue of the digital game industry last year. Even so, the growth in revenue for free games was only 9%. In comparison, revenue from premium games rose by 28%.

In the free-to-play game segment, mobile still dominates. The proof, revenue from free mobile games reached around US $ 73.8 billion. Meanwhile, free-to-play PC games contributed US $ 22.7 billion and consoles US $ 1.8 billion. From a regional perspective, the free-to-play game segment is growing rapidly in Asia. About 59% of free games revenue comes from this largest continent.

In the list of the 10 most popular free-to-play games, 8 of them are mobile games. Honor of Kings – launched as Arena of Valor globally – became the biggest-grossing free-to-play game last year. Tencent’s game received US $ 2.45 billion in 2020. Meanwhile, the second position is occupied by Peacekeeper Elite, aka PUBG Mobile, with revenues of US $ 2.32 billion. In 2020, League of Legends will be the biggest-grossing non-mobile free game. The game made by Riot Games sits at number six with revenues of US $ 1.75 billion.

In general, mobile games also make a big contribution to the gaming industry. Last year, around 58% of the gaming industry’s total revenue came from the mobile game segment. Not only that, the mobile game industry is still growing. In 2020, the mobile game industry will experience 10% growth from 2019.

Interestingly, mobile gamers in the West and East have different favorite genres. Gamers in North America and Europe prefer to play casual games like Pokemon Go and Candy Crush Saga on mobile platforms. Meanwhile, Asian gamers prefer to play more competitive games, such as Free Fire.


Premium Game Industry

Just like the free-to-play game industry, the premium gaming industry will also increase in 2020. Last year, the premium gaming industry was valued at US $ 24.5 billion, up 28% from the previous year. With revenues of US $ 1.9 billion, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare became the premium game that had the largest revenue last year. Meanwhile, FIFA 20 sits in second place with revenues of US $ 1.08 billion and Grand Theft Auto in third place with US $ 911 million.

Super Data said, one of the things that boosted Modern Warfare’s income was the launch of the battle royale mode in March 2020. After a mode called Warzone was launched, the number of Modern Warfare players increased. The reason is because Warzone can be played for free. Even so, some Warzone players still spend money to buy items. Not only that, some of them also ended up buying Modern Warfare.

Of the 10 premium games with the largest revenue in 2020, 4 of which are sports games. This trend arose because many sports competitions had to be postponed or canceled over the past year. Playing sports games, or watching esports sports matches, is one way for gamers to vent their longing for sports competitions in the real world. Based on data from Super Data, around 36% of gamers admit that they play games because they cannot watch cinemas or sports matches.

In 2020, single-player games are also still in demand. The proof, DOOM Eternal is included in the list of 10 games with the biggest income in 2020. The game sold 3 million units at launch, 3 times more than its predecessor.


Gaming Content Viewership Increases

The pandemic is not only making people play games more and more, but also watching game content. The number of viewers for game content in 2020 will increase by 18% to 1.2 billion people. Party games that can be played by many people, such as Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and Among Us, have become one of the favorite genres among the gaming content audience.

The number of viewers is directly proportional to the income of the gaming content industry. Along with the increase in the number of viewers in 2020, the total revenue of the gaming content industry will also increase. By 2020, the total revenue of the gaming content industry is estimated to reach US $ 9.3 billion. Twitch controls 22% of total gaming content revenue, while YouTube controls 18%. The remaining 60% is controlled by various other game streaming platforms, such as Facebook Gaming and DouYu and Huya from China.

Even though the audience for gaming content grew over the past year, Microsoft’s streaming platform Mixer has had to stop operating. The closure of Mixer means a number of popular streamers – such as Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek – are back to stream on Twitch. Meanwhile, in China, the two biggest streaming game platforms, Huya and DouYu, agreed to merge.


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Game Industry

Unfortunately, in 2020, VR headset shipments have actually decreased by 15%. This happened due to a pandemic that choked up the supply of VR headsets. In addition, the premium mobile VR segment – including Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream – is also considered dead. Samsung revealed, they will turn off their VR services as of September 2020. While Google admits, they will stop providing updates for Daydream. It didn’t stop there, PlayStation VR sales also fell because no new content was released.

The good news is that total VR headset sales are up 19% thanks to the Oculus Quest 2. In addition, people who already have VR headsets spent more time using the headset in the last year. Meanwhile, VR game revenue will also increase 25% in 2020. The launch of Half-Life Alyx is the main factor that makes VR game revenue increase. The PC game sold 1.9 million unique ones within 6 months of launch.

Thanks to the pandemic, the gaming industry’s income will increase in 2020. This trend is expected to continue over the next year. Unfortunately, the pandemic has also caused problems for some players in the gaming industry, such as Sony and Microsoft, who recently launched their new consoles. The pandemic is making it difficult for both companies to meet consumer demand for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. By 2021, this problem is likely to persist.

The following are trends in the gaming world in 2021.

  1. Gaming Industry Revenue Will Continue To Increase

It is undeniable that the corona virus pandemic is benefiting game creators. Lockdown keeps a lot of people playing the game longer, which means, they are willing to spend more money for the game. Newzoo estimates, this trend will still persist even after the pandemic is over. It’s just that the game industry’s growth rate in 2021 is not expected to be as fast as growth in 2020.

Mobile is the gaming platform that gets the most profit. When compared to PCs and consoles, mobile is indeed the platform with the lowest barrier-to-entry. So, it’s no wonder that the number of mobile game players is far more than PC or console players. It’s just that mobile gamers are the easy-to-come, easy-to-go type. In 2021, one of the challenges that mobile game developers will face is retaining the new players they got this year.

  1. Limited supply of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X

The pandemic may benefit game developers and publishers, however, the pandemic also causes problems for console manufacturers, such as Sony and Microsoft. Both companies are determined to launch new consoles in 2020. Despite the success of the launch, both Sony and Microsoft have struggled to keep up with consumer demand. And this trend will carry over to early 2021. Sony and Microsoft will need time to ramp up production of their new consoles so that they can meet the high demand of consumers.

Next year, another problem that will arise in the gaming industry is the delay in a number of AAA game launches. The reason is, the developers have difficulty adjusting their work rhythm with the changes that have emerged during the pandemic.

The good news is that a number of games that are eagerly awaited, such as Horizon Forbidden West, will be able to be played on new consoles and old consoles, namely PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. When combined, the number of PS4 and Xbox One users reaches more than 200 million people. And the owners of the PS5 and Xbox One are still active for playing and shopping. All of this will drive the console gaming industry’s revenue next year. Another thing that will increase the revenue of the game console industry is the existence of free-to-play games, which have a steady source of income from in-game purchases.

  1. Cloud Gaming will be increasingly popular

2020 is an important year for the cloud gaming industry. This year, several cloud gaming service providers – such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Tencent – launched their services. Not only that, there are gaming platforms that can be accessed via iOS, such as Stadia which has a Safari-based application. Meanwhile, Microsoft will launch the xCloud application on PC and iOS in the spring of next year. Xbox boss, Phil Spencer also revealed that the application will be used on smart TVs.

In 2020, the number of cloud gaming users will also continue to increase thanks to the lockdown. In addition, throughout 2020, more and more developers are using cloud gaming to demonstrate their games. For example, Ubisoft which exhibited Immortals Fenyx Rising through Stadia. Looking ahead, it seems that this trend will continue.

Thanks to the growing popularity of cloud gaming, cloud gaming industry revenue is expected to reach US $ 1 billion for the first time in 2021. In addition, the number of consumers that cloud gaming providers can target is also expected to increase.

  1. The Development of Game Trends as a Hangout Place

The game is now also a virtual place for players to gather. This trend has been around for more than 10 years. However, the lockdown made this trend even more popular. In the next few years, this trend will have a major impact on the gaming industry.

Along with the development of technology, game graphics have also become more realistic. Not only that, the game world can now also be used as a virtual place to hold various activities, from music concerts to fashion shows. One musician who has ever done virtual concerts is Travis Scott. The concert which was held at Fortnite was attended by 12 million people. While his videos on YouTube have been watched more than 140 million times. To appear on Fortnite, Scott was paid approximately US $ 20 million.

Games are not only used by musicians or celebrities. In fact, lots of people are holding weddings, graduation parties, or even virtual funerals at Animal Crossing this year. This trend will encourage non-gamers to join the game, which will make it easier for publishers to acquire new players.

  1. The Game Industry Will Be More Inclusive

Toxic culture is a problem in the game industry. However, going forward, the game industry players seem to be getting serious in dealing with this problem. Recently, Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft announced their cooperation in dealing with the problem of toxic culture in the gaming world. Apart from that, Riot is also preparing steps to minimize toxic players in Valorant when they have just launched the game.

In addition, in 2021, developers will also care more about people with disabilities. This year, there are a number of games made to be friendly to people with disabilities, such as The Last of Us Part 2, Apex Legends, and Tell Me Why. In the next year, this trend will continue.

A new update comes back from one of the games made by Netmarble, The King of Fighters Allstar. This RPG mobile action game will present an in-game event and Winter Love Messenger B. Jenet, a limited-time Holiday Fighter that players can collect.

Debuting on SNK Garou: Mark of the Wolves and THE KING OF FIGHTERS XI, Winter Love Messenger B. Jenet is a Green Balance Fighter who has a Leader Skill that can increase a Fighter’s Green Element’s ATK by 45% and their Power Gauge by 20%.

Its Skill effect can give Hyper Armor (Super Armor and immunity to DMG) for 3 seconds, which causes Skill Freeze for 2 seconds. Apart from that, the Holiday Exclusive Set Card is also available for the players to collect. Here are other holiday events that are coming in this month’s update:

5 Days Daily Check-In (22/12/2020 – 5/1/2021)

Check-in to The King of Fighters Allstar every day for 5 days to get Elite EXP Capsule, KOF ALLSTAR Summon Ticket, and many more.

Winter Fighter Selection Event (22/12/2020 – 6/1/2021)

Complete Daily Missions to get one of the US Holiday Fighter you want and various other prizes, including a Soul for the selected Fighter.

Team Relay Dungeon (22/12/2020 – 10/1/2021)

Players will gather a team of fighters to face Winter Holiday boss Chang Koehan and have the opportunity to get prizes such as AS Purple Soul, Rare Enhancement Hammer, and others.

Catch the Little Thief (22/12/2020 – 6/1/2021)

Enjoy the in-game event to find the Little Prize Thief dressed as Santa. Get prizes such as Plus Capsule Mystery Box, Awaken EXP Capsule Lv. 1-3, and many more.

Score Event

Earn points from completing the Dungeon with additional missions and exchange points to get various prizes such as Imprint Stone, Option Card, Enhancement Hammer, and Capsule.

The King of Fighters Allstar features fast-paced action battles where players fight against a variety of enemies, bosses, and other team fighters. The excitement of this martial art is complemented by high-quality graphic wrapping, vivid colors, and super fast animated motion.

What’s more, the game features all the legendary KOF fighters from ’94 to XIV with over 130 Fighters to collect. Uniquely, this game presents many seasonal events in the game. Previously, The King of Fighters Allstar had collaborations with well-known IPs such as TEKKEN 7 and SAMURAI SHODOWN.

In recent years, more and more parties have been interested in investing in the esports ecosystem, including venture capital companies. Even in the midst of a pandemic, investment in the realm of gaming and esports is still flowing. Here are some of the investments and acquisitions that took place throughout November 2020.


Fnatic Receives US $ 10 Million and Holds Crowdfunding

Fnatic, an esports organization from Europe, received an investment of US $ 10 million last month. The internal funding round is being led by Beringea, a venture capital firm with operations in the UK and the United States. Several other investors who invested in the funding round include Unbound, LVL1 Global, and JHD. Fnatic revealed that the investment they get will be used to strengthen their brand and esports team. In addition, they will also use these funds to expand globally.

Apart from internal funding, last month, Fnatic also held a crowdfunding campaign through Crowdcube. At that time, they set a target to get GBP 1 million to sell 0.99% of their shares. Before they offered their shares to the general public, there were investors who bought their shares. So, don’t be surprised if Fnatic managed to raise GBP945 thousand before they even sold their shares to the public.

Fnatic plans to use the crowdfunding funds to realize their short-term plans. They estimate, they will start making profits in 2023. According to their predictions, by 2023, they will get income of US $ 73 million and EBITDA (Earning Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) of US $ 3 million.


Immortal Gaming Club Get Invested

Last month, Immortals Gaming Club (IGC), an esports organization from North America, also received a disbursement of US $ 26 million. The funding was led by Meg Whitman, a member of the IGC board. Two other investors who invested in the funding round include Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) and March Capital Partners. Both have invested in the IGC before this.

IGC said they plan to use these funds to develop the brand for their esports team. In addition, they will also channel part of that investment to Gamers Club with the aim of enriching their game portfolio and expanding their reach.


Griffin Gaming Partners Raises US $ 235 Million in Gaming and Technology Funds

In November 2020, Griffin Gaming Partners managed to raise an investment of US $ 235 million to be allocated to the realm of gaming and technology. They plan to invest at least half of this fund in companies that focus on gaming platforms and infrastructure. The remaining funds will then be invested in game studios and content creation.

As a venture capital firm, Griffin Gaming Patners has invested in various gaming and technology companies, including Discord. Not long ago, they also provided capital to the game developer Frost Giant Studios.


BLAST Get Funds from Edge Investments

Danish esports tournament organizer BLAST has secured an investment of GBP 1.7 million from British company Edge Investments. BLAST said they would use these funds to strengthen their operations in the UK and expand globally. Apart from capital, BLAST will also utilize Edge’s expertise and network to optimize their ability to hold esports tournaments.

“Edge’s decision to invest in us is proof that the esports industry is growing, even though there have been various problems for many people this year,” said Robbie Douek, CEO of Blast, quoted by Esports Insider. “We chose Edge so we could leverage their expertise and networks in content distribution, media promotion and event hosting.”


ReKTGlobal Partners with Vikkstar

Esports company ReKT Global has made Vikram “Vikkstar” Singh Barn the co-owner of their Call of Duty League team, London Royal Ravens. Vikkstar is a gaming influencer from England. As co-owner of London Royal Ravens, Singh Barn will create a new content format. In addition, he also plans to independently create merchandise, promotional activities, and esports tournaments, apart from the tournament held by ReKT Global.


Queens Gaming Collective Receives Early Stage Funding

Queens Gaming Collective, a women-focused gaming lifestyle company, managed to raise $ 1.5 million in seed funding. The funding was led by BITKRAFT Ventures. In addition, there are 12 other investors who support the Queens Gaming Collective, including women entrepreneurs and business leaders. The funds will be used by the Queens Gaming Collective to find qualified workers, create content, and support the career growth of female creators and streamers in the world of gaming and esports.


Investment and Other Funding

Last month, Edge Esports Ltd, a startup that creates payment solutions and contracts for esports players, received an investment of US $ 1.5 million. Led by Blake Picquet, the investment round was also joined by Green Egg Ventures, Game Tech Ventures, and Robert Reeg. The investment funds will be used by Edge to strengthen their internal team.


Meanwhile, gamer performance analysis firm Statespace raised US $ 29 million in Series B funding, led by Khosla Ventures. They received this disbursement of capital six months after they closed their Series A investment round, which was worth US $ 15 million in May 2020. At that time, the funding round was also led by Khosla Ventures. Statespace CEO Wayne Mackey said their top priority at this time was to grow their platform.


StreamHERO, an ad network for streamers, received a pre-seed investment of US $ 550 thousand. The investment round is led by Adventures Lab. StreamHERO will use these funds to create new monetization tools for streamers and a new analytics system. Meanwhile, in November 2020, Hitmarker, the gaming and esports job search platform, held a crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube. They sell 4% of their shares for extra capital. Their target from the crowdfunding campaign is GBP 200 thousand.


GAMURS Group, the parent company of Dot Esports, recently acquired the Pro Game Guides platform. To do that, they use funds from their investors, including the Aura Group. Next year, GAMURS plans to buy several other companies in the gaming arena.

GAMURS is not the only company that made acquisitions last month. Corsair Gaming also recently purchased Gamer Sensei, an esports training platform. With this, Gamers Sensei will become a division of Corsair. In addition, Take-Two Interactive also signed a contract agreement to acquire Codemasters for US $ 980 million. If the agreement is approved by shareholders and regulators, the acquisition is expected to be completed in Q1 2021.

Overall, throughout November 2020, total investment in the realm of games and esports reached US $ 306 million. In comparison, the total investment in the world of gaming and esports throughout 2020 has exceeded US $ 6.44 billion.

Ubisoft announced the multiplayer Watch Dogs Legion which had to be postponed until early 2021. Even though this game has been launched since October 29, 2020 yesterday.  Initially, Ubisoft planned a co-op or multiplayer feature not long from launch. Namely around December 2020. However, it had to be postponed for some time.

As reported by, Ubisoft was forced to postpone the presence of the Watch Dogs Legion multiplayer mode because there were technical problems that had to be resolved first. However, this problem occurs in single-player mode, so the developer of this game must solve it first before launching the co-op.

This well-known game developer also needs more time to internally test this online co-op model. And make sure it can be smooth when it is launched later. Unfortunately, Ubisoft cannot confirm the launch date of this new feature. The Watch Dogs Legion multiplayer is only reported to have arrived in early 2021.

In addition, it was also not disclosed in detail what technical problems they had to solve first. Even so, it is suspected that there is an update to solve the crash problem. Some Watch Dogs Legion players have complained about crashes several times when playing in the single-player model. Will this problem be tackled first?

In a post on its official website, Ubisoft announced that there will be a new update that will optimize the PC version.

On the other hand, this new game from Ubisoft did get a lot of praise when it was launched. Included in the gameplay concept offered is very different. When you play Watch Dogs Legion, you can recruit almost all NPCs in this new game as playable characters. But there must be a special effort to be able to do it.

Meanwhile, the Watch Dogs Legion multiplayer mode itself is one of the features to look forward to. Because it allows several players to play together to complete the mission. For those of you who are interested in this new game, Watch Dogs Legion is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

Falcom said in its latest financial report that the company will release several console titles to celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2021, including its next entry in the Kiseki / Trails series,

The summary of the report is as follows:

2021 will mark Falcom’s 40th anniversary.

Falcom plans to release several titles for the console to mark its 40th anniversary, including a new entry in the Kiseki / Trails series.

With more than five million copies sold and winning numerous awards including the Japan Game Awards, Famitsu Award, and PlayStation Awards, the Kiseki / Trails series is one of Falcom’s flagship series.

Falcom will expand its game content to various platforms such as PlayStation 4, Switch, PC, and smartphones around the world (Japan, North America, Europe and Asia).

Falcom will continue to provide exciting new game content while actively leveraging the internal IP to produce new titles that serve as new challenges, including the Kiseki / Trails and Ys series.

The latest entry in the Kiseki / Trails series, The Legend of Heroes: Hajimari no Kiseki, releases for PlayStation 4 on August 27 in Japan and Asia.

When we buy a game on the PlayStation Store, there will be a lot of terms and categories in it, where when I first entered the PSN Store I was confused because of the many new terms. This has sometimes happened until now, where when I want to buy a game that is very cheap because there is a discount, when it’s already purchased, I know it’s just a DLC or not a base game. From here, maybe I will try to summarize these terms to make it easier for all my friends to understand.

Full game: Full Games, this is a complete base game, which can be played immediately with full content, the Full game category can be available in digital form (at the PSN Store) and most of them are also available in Retail * / blue-ray (BD) form / cassette. (*not always)

PSN Games: Just like Full games, PSN Games are also games that can be played directly and are full, but usually PSN games were initially only available in digital form only with no physical tapes. For example Guacamelee, ShovelKnight, Resogun etc. * not always some PSN games over time sometimes there are also physical BDs.

PS VR Game: This is a special game that can only be played if we have a PS VR, PS Move and PS Camera device. Games with the PS VR Game tag usually have a physical form, and some are only available at the PSN Store. This PS VR Game also sometimes has other additions to the game title with the words PlayStation VR Required. For example Batman: Arkham VR, Blood & Truth, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, Astro Bot Rescue Mission etc.

PS VR Compatible: Games with this tag can usually be played using normal PS4 without having to use PS VR, PS VR is only an optional device that we can use to play the game from a first-person perspective. Examples of games are Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, Tekken 7, Gran Turismo Sport, Resident Evil 7 etc.

PS VR App: Usually an application that is used to enjoy content that is supported by PS VR. Like the PS VR application that is used to watch basketball matches, there is also Youtube VR which can be compatible if the video we are watching supports a VR device etc.

App: This is usually a support application to enhance the PS4 experience into a more media Entertainment System, or social media Apps on PS4 such as Netflix, Hulu, SHAREfactory, Spotify, Twitch etc.

PS One Classic: Usually this is an original game from PS1, where the graphics still use PS1 graphics, and can usually be played on PSP, PS vita and PS3. Keep in mind that games that have this tag cannot be played on PS4. Examples such as CHRONO TRIGGER, Suikoden II, Xenogears etc.

Bundles: Bundles usually contain a base game along with some of the DLCs that we can buy in one package, so we buy directly including some of the DLCs. Game bundles and game titles usually include additions such as Deluxe Edition, GOTY Edition, Complate Edition, All-In-One Package, Ultimate Edition, etc., which indicates that the game is not a standard version. But in some cases, a bundle can contain a collection of several different games, and even different developers. Examples: Nioh 2 Deluxe Edition, Marvel’s Spider-Man Game Of The Year Edition.

Game: I found this term in several titles, it just seems the same as the meaning of Full Game, the difference is the Game tag I pay more attention to the games for PS Vita.

Okay, let’s move on to the next category, which this time needs to be paid attention to, we need a base game to be able to use or use this content, usually the price is cheap, sometimes we are fooled into buying it, and it’s just DLC content that can’t be played. Or sometimes it turns out to be only for PS Vita / PS3 Games for which we don’t have the console.

Add-on: This add-on is additional content / DLC from a general base game, the add-on can contain cosmetic content from the game, this add-on can be a new character, clothes, weapons, accessories, arena etc. We need a base game to be able to use this add-on, and it is usually sold separately.

PS VR Add-On: This is an add-on content specifically for PS VR compatible games.

Level: This is a DLC in the form of a level, arena, new difficulty level, additional story or an extension of an adventurous base game. * Not necessarily adventure

Map: This DLC is usually an additional map of the game with a new layout, usually found in FPS type games, or battle royals. But it’s not only always a map, sometimes there’s a story. A new stage in an adventure game, or a new route in a racing game.

Item: This is also a part of the DLC that is more specific in the form of an item, a certain accessory. This item in some RPG games can add a certain status so that it will make our adventures easier in the future.

Vehicle: this is a specific DLC in the form of a car / motorcycle that is usually found in racing games. It can also be paint, car parts, car stickers etc.

Music Track: This is also part of the specific DLC in the form of an audio track, a certain band song that is usually found in games with rhythm music types.

Character: This is part of a specific DLC in the form of a new character / additional character, most often in fighting games or adventure games. Usually in the Fighting game there is a roster of early players who come out when the game is first released, then the DLC of new characters begins to be added along with time.

Costume: This is a specific part of the DLC in the form of a costume for a certain character in a game. This costume usually changes the appearance of the characters we play, in some costume games it can also add certain status increases to the game.

Subscription: Usually in the form of a subscription to a service on PSN, usually in the form of PS +, PS Now, EA Play etc. Subscription we usually get free games every month for PS + and for EA Play we can play all the games from EA, if PS Now is almost similar to PS +, only PS Now provides streaming PS3 games services, but also provides around 350 games that can be used download.

Avatar: This is usually a logo, symbol or character image that will present our personality if our avatar is seen by others. Avatars can be taken from a certain game that we can use on the PSN ID profile photo, this avatar can also inform us that we like the character or game.

Season Passes: Usually this is an additional service provided when we buy a game, which will provide a free DLC within a certain period of one season (season), for example there is a game Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions which has a season. The pass is priced at 399 thousand, the game will issue DLC once a month at a price of 75 thousand per DLC for 6 months, if we buy each DLC every month it will come out 450 thousand, while if the season pass is only 399 thousand, usually the season pass This applies to new games where we don’t know the value of it or not, the DLC will appear in the future.


Pre-Order: This term is used to buy an unreleased game. This is intended to prove our support for a game developer, or to prove our love for the games we pre-order. So we pay for the game first, it could be a month or 6 months earlier. Usually for pre-ordered games we get exclusive bonuses such as character DLC, weapons, clothes or certain art work that we can only get from the pre-order of the game.

Demo and Betas: Demo is a game that we can play for free first, before we decide to buy the full game. There are two types of demos, demos that only consist of 1-2 Stages from a game, and demos that are limited by time, for example, you can only play it for 60 minutes. Beta itself is a trial conducted by the developer before releasing the game on the market. The goal is usually to check the load from the online server they use, for online type games, or to provide feedback if there are bugs in the game, which bugs can be reported to the developer and later in the game release there are no bugs. the.

Soundtrack: Usually a collection of Music Tracks that are used in a game. Because some games have good soundtracks, developers usually sell separately, so they can be listened to separately without having to play the game. An example is the Nier Automata Soundtrack which has very good song quality.

System Audio Track: This audio track is usually the dub of a game. Some RPG type games are very conversational, sometimes there are users who choose to listen to the dubs of real artists who use Japanese, and some others prefer dubs from foreign artists using English. Because the audio dubbing file is large in size, developers usually provide operations and can be downloaded for free.

Themes: This is a theme that we can use to change the display interface of our PS4, so that we don’t get bored. We can get themes for free and some are paid. Every big game is released, they usually issue a free theme so that the games played are synchronized with the theme of the PS4. There are also two types of themes, Static which is only a Static image, and Dynamic which is a moving image, so that it looks more beautiful.

Apart from this, all that really needs to be paid attention to again is about the subtitles of the game, usually if PSN Store Indonesia uses the Asian region, there will be several languages ​​in it. Usually after the title there will be a big writing like this (English / Chinese / Korean / Japanese Ver.) Which indicates that the game has English subtitles. This is considered trivial, but yesterday, during PO Final Fantasy VII Remake, there were many incidents of friends on the PS4 Indonesia forum wrong ordering POs where only Mandarin was available. I have also found this at a discount, for example this game The lost Child at a price of 38 thousand, is very tempting, just pay attention that there are no English subtitles, only Mandarin. There are some games that only use Japanese and at a much cheaper discount, we have to be more careful in buying games digtal.

Already at the end of this year. There are no major gaming events held. However, there are already many people who are getting ready to welcome the game event in 2020.

The reason is easy: they are waiting for the announcement of a new game. Even though they are made every year, here are some gaming events that you need to pay attention to.

  1. The International 2020

This is a Dota 2 tournament officially held by Valve. TI was once an esports event with the largest prize pool ever. For 2020, TI will be held in Stockholm, Sweden. Will the OG team’s consecutive victories be crushed this year or will they be maintained?

  1. Evo 2020

For fighting game lovers, Evo is an event that must be seen and visited. Not only the myriad of fighting game tournaments that were held there, the large number of fighting game trailers that appeared was also the main reason. In 2020, Evo will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  1. Game Awards

Just a few weeks ago the Game Awards were held. But believe me, you really deserve to wait for this event. Because the determination of what game is the best is at the Game Awards. Even though it’s still waiting for the game in 2020, but if you see the list that will be released, it will definitely be exciting to determine it.

  1. Gamescom 2020

For those who don’t know, Gamescom is one of the biggest game exhibitions in the world. But not in America, but in Europe. To be precise in Germany. There are lots of games on display there and many new game trailers have been released.

  1. Electronic Entertainment Expo 2020

The biggest and most eagerly awaited game fair. All hardcore gamers, at least, will definitely watch E3 through the screen, considering that at E3 companies and game studios will compete to show the game and surprise the visitors who come.

  1. Tokyo Game Show

Located in Tokyo, Japan, the Tokyo Game Show provides a lot of information about new Japanese-style games. You could say that TGS has a fairly specific visitor market considering the game is very Japanese too. Japanese game companies, such as Capcom and Squareenix, are almost certain to announce their games at this event.

  1. Game Developer Conference 2020

Even though it is known as a conference, in fact GDC also provides game exhibitions that are no less exciting than other exhibitions. On the official website, there are even several games that have been announced to appear at GDC 2020.

  1. DreamHack 2020

DreamHack is indeed a game exhibition exhibition, but what is known about the program is the game tournament. The esports competition is attended by hundreds of teams, striving to be the best. There are three more pieces of content on DreamHack: digital arts competitions, festivals and live concerts.

  1. Esport World Convention

Let’s just say this is the world cup for gamers’ kids. Competing various competitive games, ESWC is one of the competitions targeted by esports athletes. In this event, there are many games that are contested. Starting from Counter Strike, Call of Duty, Dota 2, FIFA and others.

  1. Paris Games Week (Canceled?)

This event will still be going on for quite some time, from 23 to 27 October. At Paris Games Week, you can find retro games to the latest games at once. Most likely you will encounter many independent games made by that country.

Those are some game events that you must schedule in 2020. If you are a hardcore gamer, it’s a good idea to go straight to the show and not just watch it via computer. Guaranteed the experience will be different.