Officially released on 7 May, the eighth sequel to the Resident Evil series brings many updates from the previous series. Moreover, the presence of many terrible creatures is an offer that fans of horror games cannot refuse, of course.

What do you think about the horror that is present in Resident Evil: Village and what are the interesting facts in it?

The Highly Anticipated Eighth Sequel

The presence of Resident Evil: Village is highly anticipated by loyal fans of the Resident Evil horror game after the seventh sequel terrorized fans in 2017. Nearly five years apart, of course, many are waiting for what kind of horror will occur in this newest game.

There are also some signs that Resident Evil: Village will be the closing release of the Resident Evil franchise. Of course a lot of fans want to know what the last event we will play will be like.

Big Inspired by Resident Evil 4

Those of you who have played the Resident Evil 4 game certainly feel that the setting in this eighth game feels very familiar. The reason is, Resident Evil: Village is indeed inspired by one of the best sequels. You will also get several stories and characters that previously appeared.

Despite not bringing the protagonist, Leon, we see Ethan struggle to free himself from the clutches of strange creatures. After being kidnapped, Ethan must face various harsh realities to finally be able to uncover the darkest mysteries in it.

Lady Dimitrescu, The Antagonist Who Stole Attention

Since the trailer and demo were shared, many fans have been curious about Lady Dimitrescu. Touted as the main antagonist, Lady Dimitrescu is a unique figure. She is a large noblewoman who will chase after you.

For fans, they have wild fantasies when they meet this figure. In fact, you will not survive if you look directly at him because his long claws can directly stab and kill Ethan.

Anticlimactic Closing Act

There are lots of secrets that will be revealed if you get to the end of the Resident Evil: Village story. You will see that the evil characters that appear are part of a failed experiment trying to get a peaceful life from the clutches of Mother Miranda and other evil characters.

Many fans might think that Resident Evil will officially end after this sequel. But, it all goes back to Capcom as the developer, whether they want to bring a new sequel after Resident Evil or not. The reason is, in addition to revealing who the figure behind the zombie mutation experiment is, there is still a possibility that Ethan’s story will continue in the next game.