For developers, creativity is the main thing in making games. With good creativity, they can create unique things in their game for gamers to enjoy. There are many ways they do to create uniqueness.

One of them is presenting an easter egg. Even though it has become a common thing, from day to day, the easter eggs served by game creators are getting more and more unique. One of them is to make the creator himself the boss that gamers must fight.

This method is the most fun way to be enjoyed. When are you fighting with the game creator in their game, right? So, which games and creators are doing this? Relax, Gimbot has compiled the complete list. Here is a review of the game creator who is the boss in the game itself!

  1. (Ultra Pride) Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl

Ultra Pride is the boss that you will face in The Binding of Isaac. Yes, Ultra Pride is the alter ego of the creators of this game, Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl. Why did they create Ultra Pride? After investigating, it turned out that Ultra Pride was a form of pain and sacrifice when they created the game.

Both McMillen and Himsl suffered and were sacrificed when creating the game. They are very perfectionists, so they want their games to slide as well as possible. Ultra Pride was created as a tribute based on their efforts in developing this game.

Ultra Pride is divided into two, one is McMillen with a larger body size, while Himsl is smaller and floats. Uniquely, this boss can appear randomly at any time.

  1. (Icon of Sin) John Romero

Maybe this is one of the weirdest Easter eggs in game history but it is also the coolest. Yes, in DOOM 2, gamers will face John Romero who is the co-Lead Designer of the DOOM game.

In the game, this boss is called The Icon of Sin and is also the last boss of DOOM 2. Some of its unique games don’t realize that they are fighting against the creators of the game itself. Interestingly, if the audio from this boss is played backwards, the resulting sound will be To Win the Game You Must Kill Me, John Romero.

This means, to finish the game, you have to kill John Romero. Something very unique and legendary in its time!

  1. (Edgar Wright) Edgar Wright

Basically, Edgar Wright was not directly involved in the making of this game. But somehow the developer used the figure of Edgar Wright as one of the enemies he had to fight. Edgar Wright himself is a writer who created the story of Scott Pilgrim.

Maybe that’s the reason for this developer to include the creator of the film. Fighting against it is said to be a very interesting thing to do. Moreover, this one figure is quite challenging to face.

  1. (IGA) Koji Igarashi

Koji Igarashi is one of the most outstanding figures in the gaming industry. What makes it so amazing? It’s clear that Koji Igarashi has an iconic legacy in the gaming industry. Yes, that game is Castlevania: Symphony of the Night which is considered one of the best games in the Castlevania franchise.

Whereas in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Igarashi really contributed a lot. He did not hesitate to overhaul the game’s graphics in order to deal with complaints raised by gamers. Fortunately, this game was a success when it was launched.

Interestingly, Igarashi’s figure appears as one of the bosses here named IGA who can make gamers absurdly upset. IGA is a challenge for hardcore gamers.

  1. (CEO Boss) Yosuke Matsuda and Kenichi Sato

Here they are, creators who are really good to fight in their own game. The reason is, Yosuke Matsuda is present as one of the secret bosses in this game. Interestingly, gamers will be bothered too because Kenichi Sato will also be there.

Yosuke Matsuda himself is a senior from Square Enix while Sato is a senior from the Platinum Games. The cool thing is, after painstakingly defeating the two of you, you can use their face masks in NieR: Automata. Unique!

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