Not long ago, Netflix officially announced an anime adaptation of the Dota 2 game titled Dragon’s Blood. In collaboration with Valve, the Dragon’s Blood anime will tell a lore chapter that was not previously shown in the game.

Every Hero Dota 2 has a lot of stories, respectively. In fact, some of them shared their experiences and travels. In the Dragon’s Blood anime, there will be 5 Dota 2 Heroes who will later appear as characters.

Dragon Knight

Yep, from the first trailer, the story in the Dragon’s Blood anime does tell the story of Davion the Dragon Knight. It seems that the story in Dota: Dragon’s Blood will bring Davion’s experience to become a true Dragon Knight. He will also face an Old Dragon named Slyrak who will bring him valuable experiences for the rest of his life.

The Dragon Knight that we know in Dota 2 can turn into a dragon. This is where we will look at the origins of why Davion got his dragon form, later. In addition, there are still many mysteries that exist in the world of Dota 2 and it seems, will be revealed in this anime.


Following the character promotion and the cast list of the voice actors, it has been confirmed that Mirana will also be a character in the Dragon’s Blood anime. In fact, he was seen side by side with Davion. It could be that both of them will both find their destiny in this part of the Dragon’s Blood story.

In his Hero story, Mirana is told to have the blessing of the Moon Goddess, namely Selemen, who will also appear in the anime. We can also see that Mirana did not ride her tiger, Sagan, and it could be that the meeting between the two was just told in the anime.


Apart from Mirana, Luna will also be a character who gets her role in this anime. Luna and Mirana are both known to be rivals and in their lore, they had clashes with each other. Here, Luna will lead the Dark Moon troops who are seen preparing to fight.

It could be that Luna will be a minor antagonist in the Dragon’s Blood story. The reason is, they are known to be planning to attack the temple at Nightsilver Woods while Mirana is the guardian of the sacred site.


The most talented magician from all over the universe, Invoker is also confirmed to be present in this anime. Carl, who seems to be quite old, seems to have narrated that there is a “great danger” that will occur. It is not clear what kind of danger the Invoker meant.

In the game, Mirana knows the name Invoker by heart and it seems that the two of them will become close friends. Meanwhile, Invoker, who is known as the most powerful magician, also seems to be telling another chapter that opens a new story beyond the Dragon Knight journey.


Finally, it seems that Underlord will play a big role in this Dragon’s Blood anime. The reason is, there is a character named Kaden who could be Davion’s mentor. Meanwhile, Underlord had an item called Kaden’s Blade which he could have gotten after killing this other Dragon Knight.

This Underlord who is a demon is one of the higher-ups of the Foulfel dimension. He can open a portal to enter the human world even at unexpected times. It is not clear what this Underlord’s motive is and what his involvement with the big story in Dragon’s Blood is.


So, which of the five Dota 2 Heroes would you like to see some anime characters appear, here? Don’t hesitate to share your impressions in the comments column below.

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