watch dogs legion


Ubisoft announced the multiplayer Watch Dogs Legion which had to be postponed until early 2021. Even though this game has been launched since October 29, 2020 yesterday.  Initially, Ubisoft planned a co-op or multiplayer feature not long from launch. Namely around December 2020. However, it had to be postponed for some time.

As reported by Eurogamer.net, Ubisoft was forced to postpone the presence of the Watch Dogs Legion multiplayer mode because there were technical problems that had to be resolved first. However, this problem occurs in single-player mode, so the developer of this game must solve it first before launching the co-op.

This well-known game developer also needs more time to internally test this online co-op model. And make sure it can be smooth when it is launched later. Unfortunately, Ubisoft cannot confirm the launch date of this new feature. The Watch Dogs Legion multiplayer is only reported to have arrived in early 2021.

In addition, it was also not disclosed in detail what technical problems they had to solve first. Even so, it is suspected that there is an update to solve the crash problem. Some Watch Dogs Legion players have complained about crashes several times when playing in the single-player model. Will this problem be tackled first?

In a post on its official website, Ubisoft announced that there will be a new update that will optimize the PC version.

On the other hand, this new game from Ubisoft did get a lot of praise when it was launched. Included in the gameplay concept offered is very different. When you play Watch Dogs Legion, you can recruit almost all NPCs in this new game as playable characters. But there must be a special effort to be able to do it.

Meanwhile, the Watch Dogs Legion multiplayer mode itself is one of the features to look forward to. Because it allows several players to play together to complete the mission. For those of you who are interested in this new game, Watch Dogs Legion is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.