One question that may still be the question is who was the most popular esports team in 2020? Quoting data from Esports Charts, here are the 3 most popular esports organizations in the world along with the game scene that is the mainstay of each organization.

# 3 – Team Liquid

There are actually many indicators that can be used in determining the popularity of an esports organization. The number of social media followers might be one of them, but in this case the indicator is how interested are the esports fans in watching the team compete using the total watch hours metric.

In third place is Team Liquid with a record of reaching more than 81 million total watch hours. Of the total watch hours, 32.7% came from the Dota 2 scene, 27.1% came from the League of Legends scene, 28.6% from CS: GO, and the rest from various other game branches at 11.8%.

Team Liquid is recorded as having 13 divisions that compete in 13 different game branches. These 13 branches include Free Fire or Super Smash Bros. It’s quite interesting to see how the Dota 2 Team Liquid division has become a division that is widely watched by esports fans. Even though the Dota 2 Team Liquid division is fairly struggling after being left behind by its star roster (Kuroky, Miracle, and friends) in 2019.

Meanwhile the CS: GO and League of Legends divisions are also some of Team Liquid’s strong divisions. CS: GO has the charisma of a Stewie2K and the League of Legends has the charisma of a Doublelift that season. However, the CS: GO division had a bad luck because it had to fast for the title in the 2020 season. Meanwhile, the League of Legends division itself managed to become champion in the league round and was ranked 3rd in the 2020 Summer LCS Playoffs. Unfortunately Team Liquid itself received unsatisfactory results at Worlds 2020 because it did not make it through the group stage.

With more than 81 million total watch hours, 54% of them watched Team Liquid matches which were broadcast in English, 17.7% used Russian, and 12.9% used Portuguese, and 15.4% were the rest.

# 2 – Natus Vincere

Navi recorded over 86 million total watch hours with 71.9% of them coming from the CS: GO division, 27.9% from Dota 2, 2% from Rainbow 6, and 0.3% from other divisions.

CS Division: GO Natus Vincere was indeed at his strongest in the 2020 season. S1mple and friends managed to pocket one of the biggest titles in the CS: GO scene, namely the Intel Extreme Masters XIV. Not only that, the CS: GO Navi division also won the league round and the BLAST Premier: Global Final 2020 tournament as a whole. Because of this achievement, the CS: GO Navi team is now ranked 3rd in the world based on

On the other hand, Dota 2 is another spearhead of the Navi team. After Dendi left in around 2018, Dota 2 Navi’s roster is quite tattered, keeps changing players, and still hasn’t found his best performance. 2020 is also not the best season for Navi with the few titles they have won. However, it seems that remembering the name Navi, who is so entrenched in the Dota 2 scene, makes the team a special favorite in the hearts of Dota esports fans, especially in Russia.

From a total of over 86 million total watch hours, the majority of fans watched Navi’s matches in Russian, which was 43.4%. Then it was followed by 41.3% English-speaking match audience, 7.4% Portuguese-speaking audience, and the remaining 7.8% classified as viewers of other languages ​​combined.

# 1 – G2 Esports

2020 might be considered as the year for G2 Esports. This esports organization from Germany may not always be the champion in 2020. However, G2 Esports has managed to get a name as a strong team in several esports scenes.

G2 Esports managed to record over 92 million total watch hours with the largest proportion of 52.8% coming from League of Legends. Following after, 35.5% came from CS: GO, 4.2% came from Rainbow 6, and from several games the rest was 6.9%.

The League of Legends G2 Esports Division is one of the best in the European scene. This was proven through their efforts which almost wiped out all European LoL esports titles in the 2020 season.

PERKZ, Caps and friends managed to become champions in the league and playoffs of the LEC (European LoL League) Spring, ranked 3rd in the league round and won the LEC Summer 2020 playoffs. G2 Esports also performed well at the Worlds 2020 event yesterday. Being the last hope of West League of Legends esports fans, G2 Esports made it to the semi-finals even though Damwon Gaming ended up losing 1-3.

On the other hand, the CS: GO roster is another division that has attracted the attention of esports fans. Their biggest achievement of the 2020 season was their success in reaching the top of the league stage of BLAST Premier: Spring. Meanwhile, they also made it to the final round of the Intel Extreme Masters, even though they ended up being crushed 0-3 by Navi.

From a total of over 92 million total watch hours, the majority of their match viewers watched English language programs by 57.6%. The rest of the audience came from several languages, ranging from Portuguese 8.3%, Russian 6.3%, Spanish 5.9%, Korean 5.6%, French 4.9%, and the remaining 11.6%.


Dota, CS: GO, and League of Legends Are Still in the Top 3 of Global Esports

Besides showing the most popular esports teams, the data also shows the three most popular esports games indirectly. Judging from the games that are in the majority and based on team rankings, you can say that Dota 2 is in third place, CS: GO is in second place, and League of Legends is in first place.

League of Legends, with a league that is consistent and spread across various regions, seems like it is still a giant esports league. Moreover, if we look at the list of the most popular esports teams as a whole, 8 of the 10 teams on the list have a League of Legends division. Navi and OG are the 2 teams that don’t have the League of Legends division on the list. However, the two teams have assets in other branches in the form of a strong roster in CS: GO for the Navi team and the charm of winning The International 2019 for the OG team.

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