Entering the beginning of April, of course all internet citizens know what April fools day is, where citizens or people around the world make a joke that makes someone laugh. Now that social media is growing, not a few gaming or media companies are taking part in this April Fools event.

One of them is like Razer which shows off the Razer Rapunzel (RGB hair dye), then NVIDIA which presents NVIDIA G-Assist (Usb which contains AI), and recently Riot Games also celebrated April Fools’ Day by providing patch updates. hilarious in the Valorant game.

On patch 33 1/3, Riot Games provides a buff to smoke Brimstone, which from only 20 seconds has now become 100 seconds. Then Breach also found a nerf in the form of a reduction in the number of flash points (flash) which originally had 3 flashes, now only 1 flash. Now Phoenix’s flash button has also been added to 6 variants, namely left, right, up, down, back, and towards the area under his feet.

Not only giving buffs and nerf to agents, Riot Games is also being kind with a set of free skins called “Matte Black collection” for the players, you can see photos of these skins below.

Apart from the hilarious patch above, previously Valorant has also released an update (Patch 2.06) of 1.1 GB which provides massive buffs on Viper and Yoru. The change is that if the players touch Viper’s smoke, they (the player) will receive a decay of 50 damage directly and not gradually like the previous patch. Not only that, viper’s skills will stay on for 2 seconds even though he was shot to death by an opponent.

In patch 2.06, Yoru also gets a buff in the form of changing his gatecrash (teleport) skill which originally had to kill 2 previous players, now only need to wait for 35 seconds. Apart from Yoru, Bucky’s shotgun also gets a nerf in the form of reduced damage and the radius that will be received from the opponent. So that the Bucky players are forced to create a new tactic to use their flagship weapon.

Keep in mind, Patch 33 1/3 above is a patch to celebrate April fools only. While the 2.06 patch is a real update patch. So please don’t take the first update seriously.

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